Baby Cheesus

Week two of the regimen and it’s going relatively well. I had my second personal trainer session last night- I coped quite well:my boyfriend was not so fortunate. After the second exercise he suddenly went white as a sheet, so we had to make him a sugary solution before he passed out on us. (He’s a bit of a drama queen)

We did 3 different “chunks” of exercise. The first chunk was made up of 4 different exercises, we did 30 seconds of each exercise (with a 10 second break in between each) after having done all 4 we had a 30 second break and then repeated… 3 more times. This first chunk focused on the legs and back (as far as I’m aware) as there was a lot of squatting. It was definitely the hardest of the 3 chunks.

The next chunk, after a whole minute break (lucky us) was exactly the same in structure but focused more on the upper body- arms/chest area.

The final chunk was the same in structure except had 5 exercises. This definitely focused on the core; it was basically lots of different variations of the plank (joy…) and having the middle of the body tense for as long as possible. Myself and my boyfriend both struggle with back problems and found that our lower back hurt, so he changed the exercises to fit in with this so that we can build strength here without doing damage.

After 2 sessions, I really could not recommend my personal trainer more. Once I start seeing results (hopefully after 9 weeks) I will definitely put a link to him on here. I genuinely believe we could not have found someone better for the job. He’s encouraging without being aggressive and extremely knowledgeable. Maybe it’s because he lives in Brighton, but I get no macho-man-homophobic vibes from him – he’s just made us feel really comfortable (and extremely uncomfortable in the days that follow the training session).

He did tell us he is getting ready for an 100 mile run in a few months… I didn’t know that was a thing. I did ask “over how many days?” and he said “I hope to do it in 9 hours.” To which point I threw up all over myself and laughed manically in disbelief.

My diet is not as good as it could be if I’m honest. I am struggling with the festivities that are literally being rammed down my throat (by my own hand sadly.) I haven’t overly indulged, but having just eaten a about 6 slices of different cheese that were presented to me at work a minute ago, I’m not doing brilliantly.

I suppose I have to be realistic. I definitely have a food addiction, but unfortunately unlike an alcoholic who can completely cut out alcohol, I have to eat to live. So I have to live my life remembering that I am an addict and in order to remain trim, I need to enjoy myself every so often, otherwise I’ll fall off the wagon straight onto my arse.

I am eating 3 healthy meals a day but allowing myself a couple of “Christmas Treats” during the course of the day. For example, yesterday I had a selection box of **MINI** chocolates (Mars Bar, Maltesers, Milky Way – my favs) that I split with my boyfriend. In terms of WeightWatchers points, I know it wouldn’t be diabolical (and I may have still been in my point range) but I can’t help feeling guilt.

I know I have 3 definite days of indulgence on my hands over the next few weeks – Christmas Day, Boxing Day and on Dec 28th (a night out with my cousins). So I’ve got to accept that and get over it. Unfortunately I can only book my trainer in for the 30th, so I’ll be exercising less as well. So my first “3 week photo” may not be anything special.

BUT once we’re into the New Year, I can take this metaphorical-fitness-bull and ride it to submission. I am so determined. And ultimately, compared to everyone else starting the “New Year New Me” regimens, I’ll be a few weeks ahead and in a place mentally where I KNOW I can do it, as I’ve got through the terrible Christmas period (…bah humbug.)



Limits Reached


I had my first personal trainer session this evening. Let’s just say I’m finding it hard to type this so I’m going to keep it brief.

We did 15 exercises focusing on different parts of the body and for about 10 of them we used 25kg of weights.

The idea was to do as many reps as we (my boyfriend and myself) could do within a minute and then swap over with each other.

For most of the exercises we were exceeding what our personal trainer said was the average (which was nice to hear). At several points my vision went a bit blurry and I felt faint, but I kept at it.

It was actually really nice training with my boo; we had a balance of being competitive but also supporting one another when we were struggling.

I’ll probably write more in the future about the content of the sessions but I really am struggling with life right now.

He told us to have a shower before bed using really hot water for 60 seconds then swapping to really cold for 30 as it will help our muscles heal and hopefully ache less tomorrow/the day after. So that is what I’m going to do now. LOL x

My “thin-spiration” … More like “beef-spiration”


I saw Ben Cohen on strictly come dancing this year and immediately my jaw dropped. After reattaching my it to my face, I realised that it’s the type of body that I would love to one day own.

Although Ben was a full time rugby pro, I think it’s always good to have an aim… And I’ve always been someone who aims high.

If I manage to keep on this diet then I decided that I will tweet Ben my blog. He’s good at replying to his fans so fingers crossed he’ll reply to me!


Don’t forget there’s a lot at steak… Tuna steak..


For my dinner I had this lovely tuna steak with roasted vegetables (thanks Waitrose.) I also had some granola and fat free yoghurt for dessert.

I started my day with a chocolate protein shake which was rank. But luckily it was followed by a breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs and a sliced fresh tomato. I prepared this last night so I could take it into work with me and eat it at my desk.

For lunch I had tomato soup with some sun dried tomato “ryvita thins” (which are like a flavoured thin crisp bread).

I also had two bananas and two apples as snacks during the course of the day. And lots of black coffee.

When I got in from work I went for a half hour run with my boyfriend and when we got back we did a brief weights routine.

The proper workouts do start on Wednesday when my personal trainer comes but I wanted to start my week/diet off properly with some sort of excessive movement.

Day 1 and at about 4pm I had the strongest cravings for Chinese food I’ve ever had- I don’t even like Chinese food. Maybe I’m pregnant?

Regardless of my hormonal changes- I stuck to it and according to my daily WeightWatchers point allowance, I’ve used them all up- which is what “they” (the greater powers) tell you to do.

Instead of being annoying and posting what I have for my dinner every night, I’ll probably do a collage of photos of my dinners from the week and post them later cuz I’m creative like that. And also can’t be arsed to commit to blogging every day. LOL x

Eat. Sleep. Cry. Repeat.

Well here I am again…

This is the second time I’ve given a “weight loss” blog a crack, my first being about 8 months ago and after being shared by several of my friends on Facebook and getting a silly number of hits… it failed miserably.

So this is essentially my “take two.” Except this time I’ve only told my boyfriend about it, and I’ll only publish it on Facebook once I’ve got at least 9 weeks into the regimen.

It’s that awkward time of year where the Christmas parties are rife and I’m using any excuse to shove a bit of cake down my gob. So I figured, why not do something rad and start my diet BEFORE Christmas?!

I say diet, but what I really mean is a massive toning-mission. I’ve actually already lost about 6 stone on WeightWatchers and have managed to keep the weight off for about two years now. As happy as I am (compared to the fatty of Christmas past) I still think I can improve and get that killer bod I’ve always dreamed of.

Having looked around numerous gyms and being intimidated by the beef cakes that stand in front of mirrors getting off on themselves, I decided to try a different route. I had a google and found some local personal trainers. I sent a description of myself and my desires into a man called Darryl and two days later he turned up at my house for a chat (admittedly that does sound a bit dodgey).

His reason for the visit was to get a chance to meet me before the training began so he could see if we were “compatible.” We actually got on very well and he assured me that he plans on pushing me to my limits (again, sounds dodgey). The diet plan is to go back to using the WeightWatchers pointing system but incorporate more protein into my diet. This will take the form of a protein shake once a day (twice a day on exercise days.) My first session with him is Wednesday this week and he plans to do a routine with my boyfriend and me, which we’ll repeat twice more by ourselves before the next Wednesday.

Admittedly I have forked out a lot of money for this- £125 for the first five sessions (so 5 weeks worth of classes) plus £35 for whey protein and a big food shop filled with tuna steaks, chicken, bacon and eggs. But Darryl told me he only teaches until he feels his students don’t need his help any more (yes sansei) so this isn’t a permanent financial outgoing. I’m just saying to myself; this is the money I’d have spent if I’d been a smoker/coke addict. Fortunately it’s benefitting my health and not giving me cancer/a stint in rehab.

I’m taking a photo of my bod once every 2 or 3 weeks (I haven’t decided yet) so that me (and you) can see the results. I’m going to share food I eat, the exercise routines I do, the sweat/blood/tears (that’s probably illegal) and the bod-pics as a form of spiritual healing. This is my Foodaholics Anonymous… Except my face will be everywhere, as well as my flab and stretch marks. LOL x